Client Profile: Roberta Metivier from Performance Paralegals

We know you’ve been waiting for another Client Profile feature. Over the past four years, we’ve gotten to know Roberta Metivier quite well and—we have to admit—we are BIG fans of her. Not only is she a dealcloser super-user, but Roberta also happens to be our very first client! Now it’s your turn to learn more about her and the exciting, innovative, and progressive things she is getting up to at her firm, Performance Paralegals Ltd

Please tell us a little bit about yourself! What made you decide to become a paralegal?

I was interested in the legal field in general and knew it was the educational route I wanted to take. Initially, I went through legal assistant then paralegal training at MacEwan. Over my 28 years in the industry, I worked for various large commercial and real estate firms. However, the corporate and tax areas have always been my passion. Large transactional work is challenging and allows me to continue learning every day. It’s important to me to always be challenged and growing. Trying out and using new technologies and software in my work is always exciting.

What is the most rewarding part of being a paralegal?

Instead of being in the background at a law firm, I am now on the front lines working with clients at Performance Paralegals. Having my own company allows me to directly connect with clients, and it brings me a deep level of satisfaction to see how our work is impacting the clients we’re dealing with. 

What role does a paralegal play in supporting lawyers?

Although we can define labels across the border, paralegals typically have a more complex and in-depth legal knowledge of process than legal assistants and secretaries. That being said, some legal assistants are capable of doing the tasks of a paralegal. Paralegals work independently and run the file from beginning to end. The process begins with the client intake. Once we receive instructions from a lawyer or accountant, we draft documents to comply with what the client is requesting or in need of. We prepare these documents to the point where the lawyer just simply has to review them. The level of instruction is minimal, making paralegal work highly independent.

Please give a brief background of your company, Performance Paralegals. 

I met Doug at one of the larger firms I was working at. He was looking for a resource in terms of document preparation for his work. We explored the potential opportunity of forming a paralegal firm. Performance Paralegals was founded six years ago as of December. Six months later, Doug left the firm he was practicing at and became a sole practitioner at our firm. Performance Paralegals was established and along we went!

What inspired you to co-found Performance Paralegals?

Prior to establishing Performance Paralegals, I was looking for the next step in my career. I was seeking a more front-line position with access to more responsibility and satisfaction. Performance Paralegals came along at a perfect time, and I would never go back. I like being in charge of my own work, and Doug has been a joy to work with. Working at Performance Paralegals has allowed me to do more than paralegal work—I am now running a business. I take on business owner tasks such as payroll, tracking business expenses, and dealing with the CRA and accountant every year. This role has brought a whole different component to my life that I wouldn’t have been exposed to at a law firm. 

What advice do you have for aspiring and other paralegals?

Each individual is different, but specialization has made my career what it is today. There are multiple practice areas in the legal field. Some people like working in a general area that touches on various elements. I personally found it much more rewarding to dive in and learn everything I could about a particular area and achieve an expert status.

What’s your favourite dealcloser feature?

My favourite dealcloser feature is the one-click closing book. That in itself replaces so much of what used to be very cumbersome. Second to that is that once the documents are in and approved by a lawyer, the feeling of publishing with one touch is very satisfying. Before, going through the stages of preparing and sending everything out for approval took a lot longer. Now, it’s instant—and I can carry onto the next thing.

What is the most remarkable experience you’ve had using dealcloser?

The most remarkable experience using dealcloser has been the client service—it’s compared to none. Just recently, I had an issue with dealcloser’s newest release. I messaged the team on a Sunday, and they answered me right away. The service and the responsiveness has been there all the way through—dealcloser works so hard to resolve any issues as soon as they can and they’ve never left me hanging. I’ve never dealt with a software company that has that kind of responsiveness, ever. 

It was a pleasure to catch up with our long-time friend and legal technology advocate, Roberta. We look forward to witnessing all of the innovative work she takes on. Want to learn more about Performance Paralegals and how they use dealcloser? Download Roberta’s full case study here. OR: Stay tuned for Roberta’s full case study, coming soon.

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