HighQ + Dealcloser: The Game-Changing Solution

Earlier this month at LegalGeek, Thomson Reuters announced its new strategic partnership: HighQ and Dealcloser. This partnership brings the first and only end-to-end transaction management solution to the market.

HighQ is a powerful tool used to connect legal professionals and clients by improving client satisfaction, increasing profitability, and leveraging unmatched expertise. Now, this new partnership with Dealcloser allows HighQ users to address each stage of the transaction lifecycle: preliminary processes and documents, due diligence, transaction documents, regulatory filings and approvals, closing, and post-closing. 

Credit: Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters customers can use one single platform with one source of truth—from start to finish—to handle their transactions. Prior to this, tech-savvy firms needed to use multiple apps throughout the transaction stages, thus slowing down workflows and wasting resources on manual, non-billable tasks. Together, the HighQ and Dealcloser partnership further reduces staff workloads while improving firm reputation, enabling lawyers to be lawyers and provide high value legal services to their clients. This results in high client satisfaction, increased revenue and high legal team job satisfaction.

We are proud to be partnered with Thomson Reuters’ HighQ and are looking forward to building solutions that continue to improve the legal transaction management industry.

To see the integration firsthand, book a demo with one of our Account Managers:

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