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dealcloser & Element Partner to Bring Transaction Management to NetDocuments Users

Edmonton, AB (November 8, 2022)—dealcloser, a leading cloud-based transaction management hub for legal professionals that removes the soul crushing manual labor from legal workflows, announced today its partnership with Element. This partnership will bring the powerful capabilities of the dealcloser + NetDocuments integration to corporate legal professionals working with Element.

In 2021, dealcloser announced its integration with NetDocuments—a feature ensuring that the source of truth of a firm effortlessly stays up to date no matter where work is done. Whether a user creates new versions of documents in NetDocuments or in dealcloser, the powerful integration ensures that both platforms stay current and in-sync.

Over the past 35 years, Element has offered an array of services to its clients such as IT services, cybersecurity, education and document management, which includes NetDocuments implementations. With over 200 NetDocuments firm migrations, 162 million document migrations and 8,000 users trained, Element is well-versed in working with firms that are implementing NetDocuments.

Together, dealcloser and Element will work in unison to bring the powerful features of the dealcloser + NetDocuments integration to legal professionals looking to further improve their firm productivity. 

“If your firm is still closing deals the old fashioned way, it’s time to take a look at technology solutions that will elevate productivity,” says Amir Reshef, CEO, dealcloser. “NetDocuments is an incredible document management platform and with our integration, corporate legal professionals can get even more out of it. We are excited to be partnering with Element, giving us the opportunity to meet and work with legal professionals looking to migrate their firm to cloud-based solutions.”

“After seeing the powerful dealcloser + NetDocuments integration, we are certain that our clients—old and new—will greatly benefit from it,” says Jeff Aluri, Chief Revenue Officer at Element. “Along with dealcloser’s extensive list of features, we are confident that corporate legal professionals of all kinds will find value in both platforms working together.”

This week, dealcloser and Element are both sponsors at NetDocuments’ annual conference, Inspire 2022 in Denver Colorado. Be sure to visit both of their booths and learn about the new partnership first-hand.

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