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dealcloser Announces Zero Effort Deals™—The Only Tool Corporate Legal Professionals Need

dealcloser Announces Zero Effort Deals™—The Only Tool Corporate Legal Professionals Need

The new release provides an all-in-one, best in breed solution

Edmonton, AB (August 23, 2022)—dealcloser, a leading cloud-based solution for corporate legal professionals that removes the manual soul-crushing labor experienced during the deal closing process, announced today that is launching Zero Effort Deals™. This new release features Document Automation and other technologies to remove the redundant workflows of corporate legal professionals.

With Zero Effort Deals™ powered by Document Automation, legal professionals can complete a full deal knowing that they haven’t made any mistakes. Each time lawyers use Document Automation, their documents are generated from template Word documents that are guaranteed to be perfect. When something changes in a deal, users can update the entire deal instantly by using dealcloser’s Document Automation system instead of updating all documents manually.

Document Automation is a critical tool for corporate legal professionals. According to Thomson Reuters, lawyers spend around 10 hours per week on non-billable administrative work. With an average hourly rate of $425/hour, this means that a single lawyer is losing upwards of $225,000 per year by not using a transaction management solution that includes Document Automation.

“I’m beyond thrilled to announce the launch of Zero Effort Deals™ powered by Document Automation—a feature I’ve wanted to see in dealcloser for quite some time,” says Amir Reshef, CEO, dealcloser. “With this new version of dealcloser, it completes the suite of tools that legal professionals need to transform the way they work. With everything in one seamless place, dealcloser does it all.”

dealcloser’s Zero Effort Deals combines Document Automation, document management integration, virtual data rooms, collaboration tools, powerful version control, a custom-built e-signature platform, one-click closing binders, and signature page packages together to provide an all-in-one solution. Instead of switching between different applications providing alternative features, dealcloser provides its users with one platform that is best in breed and purpose-built for solving the problems faced by corporate legal professionals.

It’s simple: dealcloser is now the only technology tool that corporate legal professionals need. Everything in one place—without ever having to change browser tabs.

To get a demo of Zero Effort Deals™ first-hand, dealcloser will be at ILTACON at booth 337. If you won’t be at the conference, book a demo through their website.

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