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Successfully implementing a legal technology solution into your firm

You’ve chosen your platform by following your firm’s legal tech buying strategy—amazing! Now cut to the chase and put your new legal technology solution into action. Use these strategies to guide your firm in smoothly implementing a fresh platform into their practice.

Prepare your team.

Naturally, some team members will be resistant to change. And understandably so—introducing a different way of doing things might be outside of some people’s comfort zone. Plus, it’s easy to fall into the “if it ain't broke, don't fix it” mentality, so prepare your firm for the upcoming transition. Remind team members of any concerns they brought up when planning your buying strategy, and show how technology solves workflow problems and that it’s only here to help.

P.S.—it makes it much easier when the platform is intuitive and user friendly!

Utilize a free demo and trial.

Even after making a strong case, not all members will use the platform right off the bat. The reality is, not everyone is tech-savvy—and that’s okay! We recommend making the change optional at first. Before investing in the product for each team member, encourage them to book a demo and try the solution for themselves. This will give them a first-hand experience of how to use the product and a glimpse of what to expect moving forward. 

Reach out for support.

Constant communication with your vendor is key for successfully implementing a new legal technology software. They should be easy to contact and quick to respond. We hope you feel comfortable letting your vendor know what you like about their product and what you think needs improvement. Even more, you should feel confident suggesting features that you think should be included. Don’t forget to sign up for newsletters and emails for updates and new releases.

Collect feedback.

Collecting feedback from other firm members about the legal technology platform you’re using can help you learn if it’s working for everyone.  And of course, talk to your clients and ask for their feedback about the product, too! Keep in mind, your main goal is to offer your clients high-quality service at a lower price, so make sure your legal technology solution helps you achieve that and more.

Celebrate change.

Congrats! Making a big change and embracing innovation is a huge step. Celebrate all of the improvements and breakthroughs achieved by implementing your fresh solution, such as having more time, cost savings, more deals closed, and more revenue. By highlighting the platform’s benefits and opportunities, team members who were formerly unwilling to change may become more receptive. After all, analytics don’t lie! 

We hope these handy tips help you seamlessly adopt a legal technology solution. Once it’s implemented, the hard part is done. Enjoy your speedy workflow and if anything comes up, you know where to find support.

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