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Sparking innovation across your law firm

Your digital transformation is here. While the rules and regulations around law remain by the book, the ways of practicing are evolving. Law firm innovation includes new legal technology solutions and other platforms that simplify attorney workflows. But firm-wide innovation doesn’t only involve the firm’s management team—all team members should get in on it, too. Let’s talk about how you can spark creativity across your firm.

1. Commit to innovation.

Nothing is possible if you’re not open to change, and innovation requires transformative thinking. All it takes is a leap of faith, so be prepared to move and shake things up. Involving the entire firm in the innovation process makes each member feel like they are making a meaningful contribution. By having more stake in the future direction of the firm, everyone will be more motivated to produce results. Begin by identifying a problem or inefficiency in your firm, and start pondering about how you would solve it. Tried and true processes work, but it’s time to step out of your comfort zone.

2. Lead by example.

Innovation starts at the top of your firm. When your leaders are enthusiastic about taking chances, it trickles down the organization. Create an environment that is open to collaboration and creative problem-solving. As a leader, it’s a good idea to be transparent about any attempts to innovate. Sharing successes and mistakes with the entire firm affirms that fresh perspectives are encouraged. And don’t be afraid to ask for feedback—you never know what ideas your colleagues might bring to the table!

3. Dig deep.

If you’re committing to innovating, brainstorming sessions are just as important as other meetings. The best ideas often come from racking brains and feeding off one another. So dedicate time for firm-wide roundtable discussions. Foster a safe space to collaborate and conceptualize ideas. Create an anonymous feedback box. It’s amazing what a team can conjure up when members have the opportunity to put their heads together.

4. Back it up.

Sure, you have a unique idea—but is it feasible? Be prepared to research, research, and—you guessed it—research! Analyze the numbers, resources, skills, and knowledge required to bring your idea to life. And don’t forget to inquire if a legal technology platform solution exists for your problem. With the increased use of AI in legal services, there is likely a legal software solution out there for your firm. It might seem like a big investment, but we promise that the costs saved will outweigh the initial expense.

Naturally, clients will go with firms that produce accurate results quickly. So, get with the times and evolve your firm’s competitive edge through innovation! We’re excited to see the inventions your firm thinks up. Discover how our software works today.

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