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Comparing dealcloser & DocuSign

We get this question a lot: But how is dealcloser different from DocuSign (or other eSigning solutions)? On the surface level, we can understand why our solutions sometimes get confused. While both dealcloser and DocuSign are electronic signature solutions, there are significant differences between what we each do and our focus. But let’s dive deeper, shall we?

Where we overlap.

E-signature solutions.

Gone are the days of printing hundreds of documents and hoping your clients will show up on time to sign them. With both dealcloser and DocuSign, your clients are able to view and sign documents anywhere, whether at home, at the office or on vacation. 

Eecure signing.

There’s nothing more important to us than ensuring that your information is secure. We meet the highest industry security standards and can pass the most rigorous of security reviews. dealcloser as an organization is also SOC 2 Type 2 certified—you can read more about what that means for our company in our recent blog.

Our SOC 2 Type 2 report provides independent verification that we adhere to the strictest security and data protection practices and processes throughout our entire organization. Security and confidentiality are core tenets of our philosophy and strategy at dealcloser and our SOC 2 Type 2 report illustrates that these principles of trust permeate every corner of our business.

Ultimately, we meet the highest industry security standards and guidelines, guaranteeing that all of your data is managed safely and securely.

DocuSign also focuses on security. But while we overlap when it comes to eSigning and top-notch security, there are many differences between our products.

What dealcloser offers that DocuSign doesn’t.

Ultimately, dealcloser is a transaction management platform—we are built to manage deals of all types and sizes—from simple incorporations to complex M&A deals. We offer a suite of tools built around the workflow of corporate and tax lawyers. dealcloser goes far beyond eSigning.

Easy document management.

Our most popular feature set revolves around our document management features.

Build your deal’s project checklist on dealcloser by uploading your documents to the platform and use it to track the deal’s status. Upload up to 250 documents at once in no time. Once the deal is further along, you can watch as your clients sign their documents live! What’s more—we have a free, easily downloadable Apple and Android app that will allow you to check up on your deals on the go.

Comparing document versions is simple, too. We have a powerful version control system to ensure that everyone is working from the right version of a document. Create, edit and exchange new document versions on our platform and then compare any two versions of a document using our built-in version comparison tool. You can do all of these things directly in our app.

Automatically generate breakaway signature pages with our platform or use dealcloser’s Sign Anywhere feature (the digital equivalent of the “Sign Here” sticky note)! Then, give your clients permissions to access their documents and use dealcloser’s Smart Notification System to notify your clients that they need to sign their documents.

We also use a system called Magic Links to notify your clients that their documents are ready to be signed. Your clients receive an invitation email and all they need to do is click a single button to securely access their documents. They can then review and sign their documents quickly and easily.

And finally, our one-click closing book is a fan favorite. When you’re done with your deal, save yourself time and (and printer paper) by exporting your PDF closing book with the click of a button. It’s as easy as that.

Ultimately, with dealcloser’s document management features, instead of having separate closing rooms in separate offices, you’ll be able to create one true digital version of the deal that everyone works from. This makes it difficult or impossible to make the common mistakes made on deals (like working from a wrong version) while giving you full control over your digital workspace.

E-Signature solutions—designed by lawyers for lawyers.

Though both dealcloser and DocuSign let people sign documents with ease, our platform is more robust in that we have an entire component built around tracking signatures and knowing the exact status of your deal. For example, you’ll be able to know who has signed, who hasn’t signed, the latest version of the document, etc. at a glance. And if it’s been a few days since you sent a document to your client to sign, with one simple click of a button you can jog their memory by sending them a reminder notification.

While signing documents is important on deals, it’s not the only aspect that matters. We provide a large set of tools that make it possible to do the entire deal from start to finish on our platform. Deals on dealcloser can be done faster and more accurately—it’s as simple as that.

Collaboration made easy.

Invite all relevant parties (other law firms, accountants, banks, etc.) to your deal, allowing everyone to collaborate on the deal harmoniously. You’ll be able to control the access levels of parties, so collaborators can do as much or as little as you’d like them to do. 

We’ve also partnered with Microsoft to bring you our Word Online integration! This integration allows you to collaborate even more effectively by co-authoring documents in real time with others on the deal. Best of all, you can do this all within the dealcloser app. Co-author documents, track changes and leave comments—all with our Microsoft Word Online integration.

24/7 client portal access.

The dealcloser portal is a 24/7, self-serve online experience that allows your clients to view their documents, view the status of their deal and sign documents—all in one place.

TL;DR dealcloser removes the need for DocuSign while adding additional value in other areas of a lawyer’s practice. If you’re a lawyer looking to transform the way you run your practice, it’s time to give us a try—on us.


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