October 2022: New Features!

Signing Packages.

Now available to all dealcloser subscribers is Signing Packages!

If you have a signer that wishes to sign their documents with pen and paper, you can now download a PDF package of a signer's signature pages to be sent out by email to that signer. Once the signer sends you back their signed signature pages, you can re-upload them back to your project, making it easier to collect wet-ink signatures than ever before.

In addition to Signing Packages, this release also gives you Checklist Download, Custom Closing Binders, and more Microsoft Word support within Document Automation.

Download Checklists.

Do you need to share your project's checklist with another party? You can now download your checklist in Microsoft Word format, making it simple to circulate each deal's checklist with people not using dealcloser. To do so, simply click the down arrow icon beside the Upload Multiple Documents button.

You can also now choose what documents will be included in your closing binders. To do so, simply click "Export a New Closing Book" as usual and follow the steps to customize your closing binder. You will also be able to access all closing binders that are generated for a project. You can create as many different closing binders as you need.

Export processed Word documents.

In addition to downloadable checklists, we are adding support for downloading Word documents while using Document Automation. You can now export Word documents that are processed with Inputs from the Input Form. 



Questions about any of our new features? Feel free to contact us at any time.

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